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JBB Motion - Free Joomla 3 Templates

JBB Motion - Free Joomla 3 Templates
Motion is a Joomla 2.5 / Joomla 3 template that features an elegant implementation of the now ubiquitous parallax effect. Scroll up and down the page and watch as the grasshopper, donkey and birds play peak-a-boo behind your content.
Responsive parallax Joomla 3 Template.
Motion gives you full control over the images and scroll speed used in each parallax section which means that you can tinker with how quickly the images hide and disappear. Motion is also of course a responsive Joomla template and will scale your content effortlessly in your browser regardless of the device your visitor is using.

Features at a glance
  •     User control over parallax images and scroll speed.
  •     Compatible with our simple styling reset for Virtuemart.
  •     Compatible with our responsive standalone K2 templates called Zenkit.
  •     Bootstrap Joomla template utilising a myriad of built in Joomla 3 and core Bootstrap functionality.
  •     Optimised for Zentools which is the swiss army knife of Joomla extensions when it comes to working with mobile content.
  •     Flexible theme options with 8 colour schemes.
  •     Responsive Joomla template scales to fit your browser or mobile device.
  •     A powerful theming tools using T3′s Theme Magic – create an unlimited number of themes
  •     Easily drag elements using the T3 layout control to change the width and layout of modules and positions.
  •     Incredible draggable user interface for creating extremely mega Mega menus
  •     Unified Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0 package
Standard features of the T3v3 Template Framework
The T3v3 framework is a feature rich responsive Joomla template framework that incorporates cutting edge Joomla 3 functionality, plus full bootstrap support, an absolutely mega Mega Menu, LESS compiler and Theme Magic real time non-destructive themer.
It is an incredible tool that can be used to develop fast, flexible and responsive Joomla websites.
Full bootstrap support
T3 is built using Bootstrap which means that it will effortlessly support any other Joomla extensions using the bootstrap markup.
Flexible Layout control
T3 uses a draggable interface for controlling module and grid widths. T3 adds more fine grain control by allowing you to specify different grid widths across a number of different common display widths.
LESS Compiler
LESS is a new programatic language that allows developers to write LESS code. T3v3 has a built in LESS compiler which interfaces with bootstrap and template files, which means you can spend more time designing and less time coding.
A truly mega Mega Menu
T3v3 sports a powerful visual interface for creating extensive and complex mega menus in your Joomla site. It has to be seen to be believed. Loading modules, columns, extra rows and icons is a breeze.
Theme Magic themes your site magically
Thememagic is a real time, non-destructive theming tool that allows you to change the colour and appearance of your site on the fly. Easily create new colour schemes from the template admin to make the template truly your own.
Your choice of module positions
T3v3 gives you the option of using the module names that ship with the template or for you to create your own. Easily personalise the naming convention used in your Joomla template.
Other template features
Advanced bootstrap inspired module styling for Joomla 3
  • Tabbed module layouts Simple tabbed bootstrap layouts.
  • Collapsible slidersCreate collapsable module layouts
  • Popover effectsEasily create a popover effect with any module content
  • Modal windowsTurn any module into a modal window.
  • Built in font support and effects
  • Google font supportAdd any google font to your website. Simple..
  • Lazyload imagesDelay the loading of images until your user really needs to see them.
  • Sticky NavAffix your site’s navigation to the top of the page as the user scrolls down.
  • Back to topAn elegant back to top link appears when your user scrolls down.


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