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GK Simplicity - Gavick Pro Joomla Templates

GK Simplicity - Gavick Pro Joomla Templates

GK Simplicity - Gavick Pro Joomla Templates
Simple doesn’t mean unsuccessful or unattractive…
Simplicity is just the beginning… the beginning of astartup!
If you run a business and you want to enliven your online identity, Simplicity is the best choice you may make in order to create a successful and breathtaking website! This business Joomla! template uses the latest trends available. You may make undoubtedly unique and attractive landing page of a product with Simplicity thanks to interesting animations of CSS3 use!
The content on your Joomla! website will be presented in a clear manner thanks to K2 and new, powerful News Show Pro GK5. Moreover, catchy typography elements makes Simplicity more advanced and useful. If you use this business Joomla! template, you may be sure that you will achieve success in your business!
Fancy presenting your products on a website in an easy and attractive way? Simplicity is the solution… Take it now and create an outstanding Joomla! website immediately!
Most Powerful Features
Gavern Framework
All our templates are built on the Gavern – one of the best, intuitive and customizable framework for Joomla Templates.
Joomla Template Typography
Custom Typography
Add style and pizzazz with our built-in typography features: code listings, quotes, text blocks with icons, tooltips, and more.
Responsive Joomla Templates
Our responsive templates ensure your site content displays beautifully and intuitively on all Web-browsing devices!
Custom Fonts in Joomla Templates
All our templates come with integrated support for both Google and Squirrel fonts through the options panel.
Social API in Joomla Templates
Let users log in using their Facebook account, and easily add social media buttons to your site (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc…).
UE Cookie Law in Joomla Template
For those needing it, our templates ensure your website conforms to the new EU privacy-related “Cookie Law”.
Joomla Templates are based on HTML5
You’re excited about HTML5, and so are we! All of our Joomla templates are now completely HTML5 based.
Joomla Templates use CSS3
Extensive use of CSS3 provides effective stylization and effects; enhance your Web presence without sacrificing its semantic structure or performance!
Cross-Browser Support
All our Joomla Templates are fully compatible with all modern browser like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 8 and 9.

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